Activist Self-care


Below are great resources people can checkout in relation to responding to trauma, avoiding burnout & recovering from mass mobilizations & or police brutality.

Activist Trauma:  mutual support in the face of repression

Activist Trauma and Recovery: How to manage your psychological reactions to brutality from police and others

Activist Trauma and Recovery: Post-traumatic stress is a normal response to abnormal circumstance

How to Cope with Being Attacked by the Police and other Assailants

Responding to Critical Incident Stress in Protests and Mass Mobilizations
(including a piece by Starhawk following Genoa)

Coping with Disaster and Trauma: Common responses

Post Traumatic Stress Handout

10 Good Reasons Why Trauma Matters in Political Activism

Mental Health First Aid
See also:

Participating in Direct Actions: A guide for transgender people



Sustainable Activism and Avoiding Burnout:

Pacing Yourself for the Journey: How to avoid burnout and thrive while working to change the world

Empowerment and Personal Sustainability: Avoiding burnout and keeping your group afloat

Self –Care: Caring for your most valuable resource
Page 6 of

Rating Scale: How burnout prone is your organisation?

Rating Scale: How well does your group empower its members?

Self-Care and Self-Defence Manual for Feminist Activists

Mindful Occupation: Rising up without burning out

Supporting Ourselves: Personal stories, practical info, political issues



Hey Activist – R U OK?
Resources about Sustaining Activism

“What’s the Point of a Revolution if we Can’t Dance” available from the Urgent Action Fund at:

Discussion threads on self care available at


Aftershock, Patrice Jones
In the Tigers Mouth: An empowerment guide for social action, Katrina Shields